Tamura Elementary School

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September 6, 2017


Dear Parents,

            Welcome back! My name is Mrs. Dao, and I am your child’s 3rd grade teacher this year. I am looking forward to an exciting and successful year with you and your child.

            I ask you to join with me in a partnership, with the optimum intellectual and social growth for your child as our primary objective. You can reinforce my efforts in school by:

  • Providing a quiet study area at home, checking your child’s homework and grades, and signing his/her daily homework assignment sheet.
  • Attending the conferences that are scheduled for the school year.
  • Accepting your child’s accomplishments in school and making comments that acknowledge his/her efforts.
  • Volunteering to assist in the classroom to prepare projects, to read to the children, or to do anything you would feel comfortable doing.

                  Following are some important facts:

  • Ongoing homework every night:

      -     20 minutes of silent or oral reading (AR books).

      -     5 minutes working on spelling words for the week.

      -     5 minutes studying math facts (especially multiplication/division facts).

      -     10 minutes typing (optional)

  • Daily homework except Fridays.
  • Although there won’t be any homework during the first week of the school year, please remind your child to bring in his/her favorite book to share on Friday 8, 2017.
  • Please fill out the attached form and return them to school as soon as possible.

            Thank you so much for your help. As we work together as a team, we can help our students have the most successful school year.

            Please email me at daoh@fvsd.us with your child’s name in the subject line, so I can add your email to my address book for future communication. You can also call me at 714-375-6226 any time you have something to discuss with me. I look forward to seeing you at BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT on September 14, 2017.




                                                                    Mrs. Dao






Dear Parents,

Our class would like to make your child’s birthday a meaningful one, but it is against our district policy to send sugary treats to school on these occasions.

If you would like to send a “treat” for our class, you may donate any items on our wish list, or something else as unique as your child.

If you would like to send treats to the other children in our class, you may send non-food items such as stickers, bookmarks, pencils, etc. to each child.

You are not obligated to do this, but the opportunity for your child to be a giver rather than a receiver is a wonderful learning experience.

Thank you for your support!

Mrs. Dao