Welcome Back

Dear Tamura Families,


As the summer begins to wane, I always love the building excitement of what will be a new school year. The smell of new crayons, the blank bulletin board waiting for student work, and the Back to School shopping are reminders of a new beginning. 

I am excited to be once again opening Tamura Elementary for what I know will be a fantastic year!  I look forward to working diligently with faculty and parents to foster an atmosphere that promotes a learning community characterized by child centered differentiated instruction.   The faculty and staff at Tamura are dedicated to creating a safe and orderly learning environment where each student may achieve to the highest ability.  It is our goal to work in partnership with the community and parents to produce students who will be well educated citizens of our future communities.   Cooperation and communication between the school and home play a major part of any child’s success, so please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.   We hope this will be an enjoyable, positive and productive year for your child.

Tamura is always changing.  This year, we have a number of new staff members here at Tamura, including both teachers and aides.  We have been fortunate to bring in some amazing people.  Paired with our already superb teachers and staff, I know we will continue to offer students a wonderfully enriching and educational experience. 

I always get excited seeing so many smiling faces getting ready for our students to return.   I truly believe I have one of the greatest jobs in the world.  One I take seriously, knowing you entrust us with your greatest treasures.  Once again, I'd like to welcome you to Tamura for the 2023-2024 year.   I, along with the entire staff, am eagerly looking forward to what is sure to be a remarkable year.

For our new students, the front office will open on the 22nd of August.  For returning students, please remember to complete the data confirmation process on Aeries. The Aeries portal is now open and teacher assignments will be available on September 1st at 4 pm.  

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer and we look forward to seeing you in September!



Chris Mullin




Aeries is now open for returning students to complete Student Data Confirmation for the 2023-2024 school year.

STUDENT DATA CONFIRMATION is mandatory when enrolled in FVSD. ALL parents/guardians of returning students MUST log in to their Aeries Portal account and verify accurate student information prior to the start of school. 

**Parent/guardian contact information is utilized from Aeries including email, address and phone numbers. Information in AERIES MUST BE ACCURATE and agreements marked as read before the start of school. Classroom teacher assignments will be available on September 1st at 4 pm on Aeries.

Please use your laptop or tablet and complete this process here.



On September 5th, Tamura’s campus will be open for students and families to locate classrooms for the start of school on the 6th.  To help transition your child with the first day of school jitters, the campus will be open from 1 to 2pm.  Unfortunately, teachers will be working to be ready for the following day and will not be accessible.  (We ask that you please do not knock on doors) You will have an opportunity to meet our amazing PTA at the front of the school and learn how you can get involved!




On September 6th is the first day of school.  Tamura is a closed campus as safety is our priority.  Students will be dropped off at the gates and visitors must enter through the front office (single point of entrance).


If you use the drop off area in the parking lot, please remember to follow the guidelines below. Please remember to:

·       have student backpack and student ready

·       Pull as far forward as possible

·       Exit on the passenger side of the car ONLY.

·       Your child's exit needs to be swift. There are many cars waiting behind you. If extended hugging is necessary, please park and walk to school.



Parents are invited to meet your child's teacher for our annual Back to School Night on September 21st. We look forward to partner with you for an amazing school year!