Tamura Elementary School

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Welcome to Room 25 with Mr. Sakelios

Trivia:  No Bonus 
If you know the answer, write it down on a piece of paper(before you walk into the room), and wait for Mr. Sakelios to ask for the answers. Good luck!

5/21 Monday- Book Fair Class Preview
5/24 Open House 6:00-7:00,   Science Fair – MPR, Wax Museum 6:00-6:30
5/28 Memorial Day Holiday – NO SCHOOL
5/29 Modified Day
5/29 Stores (Last one for you)
 Assignments for Fridday, May 18th, 2018
In 5th Grade, Homework can be turned in one day late for half credit. After the second day, students can turn in the assignment but will not receive  credit. I will grade the assignment though.
Social Studies   
Wax Museum Pamphlet (and costume and prop)
Notebook pages due Mon
Test on Monday
           (See Ms. Kim's WEBSITE for more details)
 Science Fair Project